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Now EVERYTHING Included for 1 low monthly price!
The TNT 5 Minute Nadex Signals have arrived!! Scroll down to learn more!
The MOST Important Trading Membership Ever
There Are So Many Reasons Why You Should Choose Dex Fx Markets
It's highly reviewed with systems from The Dex Brand
Over 5 years of building the Dex Brand has been combined to build one super site..
Charting Systems all online ready for your trades
Api granted Charts made with our Proprietary indicators and on chart strategy
Hundreds of Signals a Day with massive training onboard
4 years of signals and over 50,000 signals fired. Hundreds of signals fire each day out of 4 major signal systems from 5 min signals to 2 hours daily signals
Our Customers enjoy the up-time and success rates that are unheard of in this industry
Training Videos
Signals a Day
Daily signal Success rate
Easy to use training and Member portals
There are seven member portals including learning systems and signal systems all with training and easy to navigate soltuions
Easy to Follow
Easy to Trade
Easy to Troubleshoot
Easy to Communicate
All Onboard Charting at Your Fingertips
With our Proprietary Charting Systems and Signal delivery options, you will be up and running in seconds. You will also have trading longevity that can last for a lifetime!
Navigate The charts through any device
Use other chart tools to validate strategy or Signal
Take snap shots of signals or setups and easily Share
A resource of information that is key to success
Signals at your Fingertips ready to use and Profit from.
Being able to benefit from our signals is very important. With over 5 years worth of data our signals are extremely dependable and profitable.
Giving yourself this gift will yield you results that you can depend on and become extremely consistent .
Easy to Use signals
Easy to Sort data
Easy to follow Strategy and risk management
The Most Consistant Nadex Signals of All Time
Daily Signals w/ OTM and ATM Signals
You actually get 3 signal sets in one here. The daily Signals that have running for over 6 Years straight that helped us create the OTM (Out of the Money) and ATM (At The Money) signal sets.
TNT 1 Hour and 2 Hour Intraday
The success rates of these 1 hour and 2 hour signal sets have been off the charts! These sets produce signals Every hour on the hour and they do not disappoint!
*New* TNT 5 Minute Signals
Ok, this is where you guys start to lose your minds! Yes, these are actual 5 minute signals and yes, they do win that much! This signal set alone is worth 10x the entire package price!
Now Introducing the Xedan Trading System
Designed so that even novice traders can begin using it right away!
Simple and Easy to Use User Interface (UI)
Along with the video training that comes inside the Member Portal, the user interface is easy to use and totally customizable depending on your strategy! You can set many variables and it's all outlined in simple, few minute long video's anyone can follow!
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Set Your Strategies with Ease
While it is true that the bot uses signals from the different signal sets on Dex Fx Markets, Each version is 100% Customizable Including choosing which pairs to trade down to the hour, how much to set the buy and sell prices at and how many contracts to place on each!
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Includes Training and the Nadex Package with the Data Processing Center and Much More!
The original Nadex Package on Dex Fx Markets (a $127 a month value) is included! You get Everything from all the signal sets, to all the training, indicators, strategies and super massive video library that has made Dex a recognizable brand!
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More Features 
Now Includes a News Avoidance Filter for even more control!
Decide whether or not to Trade During News
We know that trading during news times, especially the NFP,  can be cardiac arrest for some! This is why we created the News Avoidance filter, now you can decide for yourself during heavy news! 
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Safe Mode Toggle for Manual Trading 
Once you have the software open, you may want to do some manual trading as well! Simply click off the Safe Mode feature and you can now interact inside the window just like any other window! Turn it back on to prevent anything being clicked accidentally!
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This System is Now in Alpha Stage and will constantly be updated until we cannot think of anymore features of this Amazing Nadex Trading System. This is why you can get the whole system for...
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$1,000 Setup Fee and $127 a month

Half off the 1st month coupon on buy page

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Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot
What is the refund policy for Dex Fx Markets?
We pride ourselves on our ability to help as many people as possible to find their Idea of success. Sometimes the best course of action is to realize that trading is not for you...We put a lot of work into helping you personally and consider our time with you money well spent...So there is A No Refund Policy in place in general. Of course certain circumstances warrant it...Just remember we have a free membership as well.
Can I really make a living at this?
Absolutely, depending on what your idea of making a living is..we teach you how to become consistent before adding volume and increase your chances of success before you take too much risk..
I have no experience is this easy for me to learn?
Again Absolutely...The idea was to make a system that the average person who was looking to make some income and learn how to trade can come with zero experience and learn how to grow themselves to a master trader...Of course with time ...
I work all day do I have to sit in front of a computer all day as well?
The answer is No..We teach you to find your best time to trade and give the tools to find your trading rhythm. Once we speak to you and find your time that will work we can help you design the trading plan that will fit to your schedule.
A few nice words from people who dig us
... and we think they're pretty cool for talking about us too
I have been with the Dex Brand for around 2 years. They are continuously making improvements and adding income sources. The training is superior and constantly being updated. Most of all is the fact that the Dex Team is trustworthy. There is much more value in what they offer than the subscription price. 

- Christophe G.

Member since 2016
I have Been with Dex and Maxx since they Started. I do not need to make much money I am on a fixed income. Never in a million years did I think I could do this and make the money I do. Thanks to Dex and this system for all the hard work you do.
​​​​​​​- Judy C.

Member since 2014

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